Friday, November 23, 2012

Hindus are not aggressive people

The problem with India in general and Hindus in particular is that we, effectively, are not aggressive people; in fact we are not even assertive.

Our Bodhisattvas, Tirthankaras, Shankarachaaryas, numerous saints and bhaktimargi religious icons have led us to be evolved into a nation of people who flinch at the mere mention of being assertive and recoil with horror(both innate as well as presumed) at the prospect of being aggressive.

The end result of this pacifism in our modern history:

1. The most unfortunate and tragic event- the partition of India that is Bhaarata.

2. Invasion of Kashmir in 1948 resulting in loss of thousands of squares km of our strategic territory as well as tragic death of thousands of our people and soldiers.

3. Himalayan blunder of surrendering "imperial British advantages" in Tibet to China in 1950 resulting in absolute chinese control of Tibet by 1955 and India having a border with China which we never had! The next consequence: the humiliation of 1962.

4. The perpetual insurgency in our north-east since the we care to solve it!

5. 1965 and 1971 wars with Pakistan and not resolving the Kashmir problem in-spite of having their good chunk of territories and 93000 pakistani PoWs, not to mention the sad loss of our own brave soldiers.

6. Kashmir imbroglio since the i need to elaborate any further!

7. Naxalism since the 1990s which has engulfed more than one third of our nation, in fact our rule does not extend there in that Indian territory!

8. Unabated and festering infiltration from Bangladesh skewing the democracy in favour of anti-national elements and depriving our own citizens of a right to live,earn and thrive peacefully.

9. Rise from near 5% to about 15% of our population of those very people who truncated this ancient country into three sparring and warring nations. Unfortunately those elements are even more radicalised and militant with the catalysm as well as aid of petro-dirhams and oil-riyals along-with information technology of the 21st century;all put together inspiring and guiding them to make India that is Bhaarata a medieval nation of their choice and command!

10. Tolerating or even encouraging ethno-linguistic regionalism and sub-nationalism in the name of decentralisation, 'dis'unity-in-diversity and short-term-gain myopic please all, but, save-one's-own-assets policies!

My dear Indians! Dear Hindus! Assert yourselves. If needed adopt an aggressive posture. To be frank I have no animosity for the minorities; but they must earn the goodwill and benevolence of the majority. India is a tolerant and kind country for many millenia not because of some recent constitution or lately imported misplaced european ideas but owing to its rich inheritance,resilient and long history and glorious heritage.

And its the responsibility of all of us to not abuse it and molest it. In fact i am seeing routine rape of it being committed in the name of equality,freedom,democracy and secularism!

We should shun such attitude and behaviour which is actually pretentious calm and delusional magnanimity. To be politely impertinent, its taken as timidity and cowardice!

Remember friends adrenaline and testosterone are not just for thrills and pleasure! They are for defense and procreation as well, we need to use them in this way too. We need to be proud,dynamic,yet cautious, strong,vibrant, yet steadfast,resolute and of course yes: ASSERTIVE as well as AGGRESSIVE.


Dr Akhilesh Mishra.

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