Saturday, March 26, 2011


Anger is an acid that does more harm to the vessel in which
it is stored rather than to the person on whom it is poured.


  1. anger
    undoubtedly is an acid ...
    and should be poured out
    if it is felt stored in any "vessel"

    superb write !

  2. सही कहा। क्रोध पर संपूर्ण काबू कर लेने वाले को सौ अश्वमेध के बराबर पुण्य प्राप्त होता है। ऐसा महाभारत में कहा है, शुक्राचार्य ने अपनी पुत्री को नसीहत देते हुए।

  3. For neutralising this acid,let us chant
    'om shanti ! shanti ! shanti !"

  4. Very nice सूक्ति। In Indian scriptures many names have been given to this emotional character.

  5. very true.... it indeed harms the person carrying it.

  6. itna achcha laga ki kya bayayen,bar- bar padhe aur likh bhi liye ki hamesha yaad bhi rahe.

  7. It is awesome quote. Did you write it? It is very good.

  8. acid has got its own utility value .and hence if u want to store acid ,the container has to be an acid resistant one ...
    wot i was trying to tell here is ,,anger also when controlled and channelised in a proper way can act as an impetus and a positive force ..cheers

  9. @ Anger --
    HAHAHA, who else can say anything better than me? I was born a "Super angry child" to my parents, being the Fifth in the family. My elder sisters would/could still bear witness to some of my anger pronged emotional banter and brickbats from childhood till my 22nd year.

    It was this year in my life that I lost my mother, the most precious person for anyone, and particularly as emotional, sensitive and sentimental person such as me. So, for the initial few years, I completely FREAKED out and lost myself into "Loneliness" -- I became a loner, by all means and this is exactly when my big change happened -- which involved losing fears and Anger.

    It took a long hauled process, concerted effort and disciplining myself to overcome the menace called Anger.

    Now, I seldom get angry at anything that can make me weak in the knees -- like earlier. When I do get angry now, it is often my visit to a small mountain here in California. Or I simply go and sit near the ocean. The ocean has a special power to calm us down, specially because Salt cleanses our AURA as well.

    Lastly, when I look back at my actions done in anger -- I feel the following (one or all of them)
    A) Ashamed.
    B) Embarrassed.
    C) Insensitive to others feeling.
    D) Lack of Spirit within.
    E) Far, far away from being myself.
    F) Lack of power to do anything constructive.
    G) Compelled rather than flamboyant to do things.
    H) Feel like -- hurting myself, but I have never done this so far. (Thank goodness)
    I) Do I feel dejected at myself? Yes, maybe I do. I am not sure of this, yet.
    J) Do I want to converse with anyone, when I am angry? NO!

    So, yeah that is my take on Anger.