Thursday, March 3, 2011

RajaYoga Meditation

RajaYoga is an ancient system of meditation and spiritual understanding. It enables us to return to a state of inner peace, personal power and self-worth through re-kindling the soul's original qualities and virtues. It provides many answers to age-old questions relating to our identity and purpose and opens up a pathway to true peace of mind and a natural state of happiness. At its deepest level, RajaYoga Meditation is taught as a method of self-awareness, leading ultimately to self-realisation.

Benefits of RajaYoga Meditation

  • Peace of Mind
  • Relaxation of body, mind and spirit
  • New attitudes and responses to life
  • Positive relationships
  • A deep sense of self-worth Greater concentration and clarity
  • A clearer sense of purpose
  • Inner stability and contentment


  1. "At its deepest level, RajaYoga Meditation is taught as a method of self-awareness, leading ultimately to self-realisation."
    -Apt conclusion Dr. Divya,
    And Thanks for your comment on my blog of today,...
    Regards !!

  2. Is Raja yoga meditation same as prescribed in
    Geeta ch.6 by the name of 'aatm sanyam yog'or some way different.Purpose and result of meditation are truly same as you have mentioned.
    Geeta ch.6 shloka27 says "प्रशांतमनसम ह्येनं योगिनं सुख मुत्तमम"

  3. that sounds really great but how can we practice it...I am really looking for some kinda yoga to have some inner peace.

  4. All that is wonderful Ma'am. Thanks.

    How about the actual practice ? I have no idea,
    could some light be thrown on learning the art and practicing Raja Yoga pls ?

  5. .

    @ Rolling and Amitabh ji ,

    Everything comes from within . Anyone can practice yoga to attain inner peace and tranquility. Only thing which is required is strong will to do something . Once a person decides to do something, he/she can easily be able to practice so .



  6. Indeed a very useful info ..we indians have so much to offer to the rest of the world and before that we must be prudent enough to reap the benifits of our indegenous mechanisms for a better quality life ...

  7. @Zeal, Very objective and nice description Divyaji. Infact I read the book Rajyog by Vivekanand which I found most inspiring.Vivekanand tells we all are like powerhouse in individual, and through Rajyog practice every individual can enable the activation of that wonderful and tremendous source of power in our inside.