Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jab deep jale aana , Jab shaam dhale jaana ...

Dear Vikas ,
You Think that I do not read your samvaad daily , but it is not true . I read it regularly .Only thing is that I cannot reciprocate or answer your love but I admire your unflinching commitment. You always have made me feel special through your samvaad, so with due respect,I place your samvaad on my blog



Dearest ZEAL

Dil ke sehraa mein koi aas kaa jugnu bhi nahi

Itnaa royaa hoon ki ab aankh mein aanshu bhi nahi

[Sehraa = Desert / Barrenness, Jugnu = Light’s Flicker]

When the troubles and worries converge and descend on the heart and mind en masse, Sangini, it is very distressing. These past few weeks have been harrowing, to put it mildly.

Hospitalizations for Shlok, your prolonged absence, other worries – all components of tremendous disconcert. All through the day, there is a palpable heaviness in the heart, turmoil in the mind, as I go through the motions of daily routines. Not feeling good, Sangini.

There is not much peace, forget joy. The only time in recent days I really felt happy was when I found the song on Lucknow. But that too proved short-lived as you might not have yet heard or read of it. Though the heart does say and the mind concurs – it is unlikely that you are not reading Our Samvaad of the day.

May be even if you have read and heard it, I think you did not like it much, Sangini. Happens. We have had our moments of wonderfully thrilling sharing. So, at times, dearest ZEAL, I can falter. The law of averages holds true for one and all. Endeavor is my karm and from that I shall not be deterred.

Yesterday I shared the song where the lady invokes the beloved in the loneliness and today, dearest ZEAL, is a song where I invite you to come over and be with me. Versatility of Yesudas beautifies this lovely song from the movie Chitchor. Here it goes:

Song # 321

Jab deep jale aanaa

Jab shaam dhale aanaa

Sandesh milan kaa bhool naa jaanaa

Meraa pyaar naa bisraanaa

Jab deep jale aanaa …….

Come whenever you wish, my dearest ZEAL! The day, time, place is all yours to choose. Forever, I am eager to see you, meet you, be with you – wherever that happen to be. Hope is just that my warmest and fondest message of invitation is felt by you duly, Sangini.

Nit saanjh-sawere milte hain

Unhe dekhke taare khilte hain

Lete hain waadaa ek duje se

Kehte hain chale aanaa

Jab deep jale aanaa …….

The promises and compacts of the heart and soul need no written document to go by। They are kept and honored by the volition of wishful commitment and happens when the time for them is due. At times, it happens soon, at others, it will take its own sweet time. Our Togetherness has been witness to both of these. And it has always been the two of us who have collectively overcome each hurdle that has come in our walk of life.

Main palkan dagar buhaarungaa

Teri raah nihaarungaa

Meri preet kaa kaajal tum apne

Naino mein male aanaa

Jab deep jale aanaa …….

With religious zeal and unflinching faith, I will watch the path where on you will walk to our meeting. I will wait for you till my last breath and then again in every lifetime that there is. For me, the wait for you is most gratifying. Never in my life have I felt so nice.

Jahaan pehli baar mile thay hum

Jis jagaah se sang chale thay hum

Nadiyaa ke kinaare aaj ussi

Ambuaa ke tale aanaa

Jab deep jale aanaa …….

The first line transported me to the dark lane with you in a silhouette at its end, Sangini. That is surely going to be one of the most lingering moments of my life. Thank you for everything, dearest ZEAL.

This is it for today. Feel like seating at your feet and holding them lovingly, Sangini.

Semper Fidelis,

Committed for life

The Greatest Friend –

Forever – ZEAL’s Vikas.

24032011-1741 [0711 pm your time]


  1. Your admiration is superb and there can be no better reciprocation than this presentation.Love is beyond the limitations of body or worldly relationship.It may be well understood from Gopi's pious love towards Lord Krisna.A feeling which is difficult to be erased
    out from the heart.

  2. Well written.:)) Too personal to comment..thanks for sharing though

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    Dear A ,

    By making it public , I'm trying to end anything personal in it .

    I'm a detached soul and I want the person to put a comma or a full stop somewhere in his daily routine of writing Samvaad .

    Try to read it as a poet's poetry for his inspiration and not as a letter to anyone in particular .

    thanks and regards,


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    By the way , there is a great discussion going on , on my other blog 'ZEAL' . You are very welcome there.