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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are today's kids turning into couch potatoes ?

Children who watch TV for hours a day or more are less fit and do less in schools. The problem with watching TV is that it is passive . The viewer just sits there for hours without making any physical effort . It doesn't need much mental effort either. All you have to do is to watch the images flickering in front of your eyes and if you get bored, press a button on the remote.

Compare this with reading a book. You have to read the words and think about what they say as the story develops. As you are reading you will be increasing you vocabulary , improving your spelling and developing your thinking skills . On the other hand it could be argued that there are educational programmes on TV. But unfortunately kids do not watch such programs. Instead they zap the remote control and tune into a quiz show, a crime program or a horror film. Worst of all , they at times watch some disgusting programmes that turns them into more violent and hostile . At times they get frightened and withdrawn.

Another problen with TV is that it is a solitary pleasure. This is made worse by the fact that roughly 35 % children have there TV sets in their bedroom , so they are not watching it with the rest of their family. It is no wonder then , that the couch potato generation has trouble making friends and getting on with people .

And it is getting worse . There is computer on which kids are spending too much of time nowadays. This means more exposure to violence , [ shoot-em-up games , fighting games and Alien blasting games and could allow them to link up to the internet which is totally uncensored and could be very dangerous and disturbing for children of this age.

So perhaps it is time for parents and teachers to start laying down a few rules.

  • No televisions in bedrooms .
  • Not more than one hour viewing per night.
  • Spend more time reading.
  • No TV snacks.
  • Homework must be done first.
  • No viewing after nine 'o clock.
  • Take part in a healthy sport.
  • Join a club such as scouts or guides. The computer should be used for serious and genuine work only.
  • No games allowed on computer.
  • Only parent-approved access to the internet shall be allowed.