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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Which one is first to appear on earth--Egg or Hen?...

Yesterday i was watching this program on TV, and i heard scientists have proved that egg came prior to hen as the proteins required to make egg shell is present in hen only.

Its hard to believe that hen came first .

Quite possible that an egg came first in the process of evolution. Favourable conditions allowed the calcium shell to be formed. Required proteins might be present on earth or in the water.

Million dollar question is - how the hen came in existence in the absence of an egg?

It will always be debatable, egg or hen's existence first ?

I still believe, first existence of egg is possible because evolution starts with small and tiny things and like seeds.

Possibility of hen coming into existence directly without egg, with all the organs inside, sounds unbelievable.

If hen came first, then why the egg producing organ was there in the hen?

If for a while we agree that hen came first because egg can be formed by the protein found inside hen only. But then the question is -- Are the scientists negating the established fact of hen coming from egg?

Hen came from nowhere?

Looking for an me !