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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ever tried to recharge yourself ?

The way we need a Sunday after six working days and a break of eight hours of sleep after 16 hours of hectic day to relax, similarly we need to rejuvenate and gather our strength back at small intervals.

By keeping silence we can achieve that . It means unplugging, disconnecting from the many sources that absorb our energy: problems, worry, pleasing, fear and overload। To be released quickly from all these debilitating socket points, we need to become introspective and quiet. This revitalizes our thoughts.Every thought we create is energy and it produces its own current, whether negative or positive. In quietness we step inside and we stabilize ourselves in the thought of original peace. Then slowly, we begin to feel great. This original current of peace releases us from burden and fear.

All things have their time. All things have their answers. All things have their right to be. Accepting this reality, all things come into harmony