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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Survival of the fittest !

It's true that 'Lajja' enhances the beauty of a woman but it has nothing to do with her protection.

A woman can guard herself by her Intellect and presence of mind which includes her education, upbringing and her awareness.

Above all, A woman doesn't need any sort of 'Alankaran' to feel good. Since ages, women are fooled and pampered by men . A man emotionally blackmails a woman by his fake praises and a woman in return submits herself to the man . She rarely uses her intellect in judging his intentions. Her so called 'Lajja' becomes her enemy. Only her wisdom can save her to fight the flood of emotions induced by a person.

An aware and wise lady possess the biggest virtue of wisdom which guards her everywhere in all situations. She doesn't require any 'alankaran' as kawach to survive.

A woman must know her place. She must earn education, knowledge and awareness. She should feel proud of herself. She must admire herself. She must be in love by herself.

Once in love with onself we do not need any sort of tags ( alankaran).

Above all Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Only a sober, somber and sauve man can induce the feeling of 'lajja' in a woman. Because it requires a very strong man to bring womanhood in a woman.

Usually men want a woman to surrender before them, but this offends a woman. She denies to surrender. But a loving and caring man can make a woman submit herself to him with utmost trust in him. So there is a huge difference in submission and surrender.

I will conclude by saying..."survival of the fittest"।

But who is the fittest one ?

The one who is aware and wise.

So Only wisdom can be anyone's 'Kawach", irrespective of gender.

What's your opinion on this issue ?. Share with me too...will you ?